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On 1/3/09 16:45, Julian Field wrote:
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> On 1/3/09 15:25, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
>> Hi!
>>>>> All suggestions on how to improve this feature are most welcome!
>>>> A way to notify a operator that this is happening. So a cron or
>>>> something to send out a hourly report or something so at least you
>>>> know something is stuck ;)
>>> At the moment it just logs it. I might add a command-line option to
>>> MailScanner to make it report the contents of the database table. Would
>>> that do? You could then have a cron job that ran that command, and 
>>> if it
>>> produced anything then it could mail it to the postmaster.
>> Sure, thats fine.
> Take a look at 4.75.3. It adds a command "processing_messages_alert" 
> which runs the command
>     MailScanner --processing
> which outputs a dump of the table, excluding messages which are only 
> being processed for the first time (ie it only prints records for 
> which tries>1). The "processing_messages_alert" turns that into an 
> email message which it sends to you according to your MailScanner.conf 
> setup.
> It's a very simple script, feel free to rip it apart and improve it. 
> You can run the command
>     MailScanner --processing
> yourself, but be warned it will only generate any output if there is 
> something to tell you.
> In the Linux RPM distributions of MailScanner, that script is run 
> hourly to alert the sysadmin that there might be something wrong.
I have added some more code since then that generates a proper sender 
error and local postmaster notice whenever it scraps a message due to it 
triggering the crash-protection.

I'll make it leave these messages in the "processing-messages" database 
so that the alert every hour will still report them. Otherwise you won't 
probably notice anything is wrong unless your users send you the 
"message tried to kill MailScanner" reports or you actually read the 
postmaster notices. The message ids will stay in the database forever, 
or until you kill the database file, which you can do at pretty much any 
time, so long as you "reload" MailScanner after you do it.

Check out 4.75.4.


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