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Sun Mar 1 14:21:16 GMT 2009

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I have just released version 4.75.2, which has the new feature some 
people have been asking for.

Implemented crash-protection, by limiting the number of attempts made at 
processing any given message. There are 2 new configuration settings:
"Maximum Processing Attempts" which is set to 6 by default, and 
"Processing Attempts Database" which is set to 
/var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Processing.db by default.
To disable this feature, just set "Maximum Processing Attempts = 0".
To clean out the database, just stop MailScanner and delete the database 

It's enabled by default in this beta.

It currently just runs a counter of the number of times the message has 
been attempted. I didn't want to make it time-based, as then you would 
run into trouble if for some reason you stopped MailScanner but left the 
incoming MTA open, so you could work on the system while not rejecting 
mail. Then there might be quite a big gap between the time it arrived in 
the queue and the time it is processed.

All suggestions on how to improve this feature are most welcome!


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