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Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Mon Jun 29 15:35:26 IST 2009

Alex Broens wrote:
> "works for me" != advisable  != 100% safe != under your controll != BCP

Technically there is no problem with the method.

The issue is a moral one - people using this should realise that the
owner of tarbaby could very easily start collecting or rejecting mail
received for your domain either maliciously or by accident and as people
using this service have no contract with the provider therefore have no
comeback should this happen.

Whilst the same could be said of any blacklists (they could reject all
your mail either maliciously, on purpose or by accident), but pointing
one of your MX records to a 3rd party goes a step further than this and
could allow someone to collect your mail without your knowledge.  For
example: instead of sending 451 at DATA, they could easily do it after
the message has been sent (at dot) and you'd be none the wiser.  It
would still function the same as it does now except a copy of the
message could be kept.

At the end of the day - it's all about trust.


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