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Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Mon Jun 29 15:18:03 IST 2009

Gerry Maddock wrote:
>> Not advisable unless you run a server with only 3 users: postmaster,
>> abuse and yourself :-
> Strange, I'm running servers with more users than that and no email is
> getting lost. I did notice a decrease in spam after using tarbaby Their
> site states: "We will not actually receive any of your email under any
> circumstances. We will return a 451 temporary error immediately after the
> DATA command. This tells the sender to come back later and try again. Good
> email is never lost using this method."
> Like I've said, I run servers with quite a bit more than 3 users and have
> had 0 problems.

If you use greylisting; then using tarbaby will give no benefit and
might actually cause you extra delays depending on the sender.

Otherwise - it should work just fine.


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