Mailscanner don't process /var/spool/postfix/hold

Nicolas Michel nicolas.michel at
Sat Jun 27 14:05:00 IST 2009


I'm on Debian Lenny 32 bits and I installed mailscanner by enabling the
backports repository.
- I configured postfix to place mails into /var/spool/postfix/hold (with
- Net is ok because I got mails and I can see them
in /var/spool/postfix/hold.
- mailscanner is running. No error on starting. And it seems to see
these mails because i get this log :
New Batch: Found 192 messages waiting

But mails stays in /var/spool/postfix/hold. mailscanner don't seems to
process them. Nothing in /var/mail but mailq give the output of the 192

Someone have an idea?
If you need some other pieces of information, tell it to me and I give
it to you asap.

Thank you so much,
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