lstat() failed on: /mnt/ramdisk/...

PSI Mailbag mailbag at
Thu Jun 25 22:09:28 IST 2009

> lstat() failed on: /mnt/ramdisk/31166/n5NC95S6028227/tnef.31166

Which version of MailScanner are you running? If you're using a version
< 4.76.24, and you only have tnef.* in your lstat errors, this is a
known bug. Upgrading to the latest MailScanner release will fix it (or
at least >= 4.76.24), as the tnef processing has been updated to correct
the permission errors.

(see for
reference, and "16 Fixed permissions and ownership problems with data
extracted from TNEF winmail.dat attachments." under fixes of 4.76.24-3


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