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aragonx at dcsnow.com aragonx at dcsnow.com
Wed Jun 24 22:59:12 IST 2009

Hello all,

Perhaps you get this question a lot.  If you can point me to the
appropriate thread, I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyway, I'm currently running Fedora 9 x64, mailscanner-4.70.7-1, ClamAV
0.95.1, spamassassin-3.2.5-1 and sendmail-8.14.2-4.

Fedora 9 is eol so I am going to do a reinstall.  This time, I want to do
a little better keeping the spam down.  This system mainly serves as my
email for my private consulting business and the family.

Any suggestions on things I should add or whole setups?  Should I add some
milters?  Razor?  SPF?  etc...  I'm looking for some guidance because I
have not given this much effort so far but that has to change.  The wife
is complaining (about spam) and you know how that can be.  :)

Thanks in advance.

Will Y.

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