lstat() failed on: /mnt/ramdisk/...

Dave Jones davejones70 at
Wed Jun 24 13:04:12 IST 2009

lstat() failed on: /mnt/ramdisk/31166/n5NC95S6028227/tnef.31166

I get thousands of these messages in my logwatch report daily.  My
permissions are correct in the dir and conf.

Quarantine Permissions = 0660
Incoming Work Dir = /mnt/ramdisk
SpamAssassin Cache Database File = /mnt/ramdisk/SpamAssassin.cache.db
SpamAssassin Temporary Dir = /mnt/ramdisk/SpamAssassin-Temp

# ll -d /mnt/ramdisk
drwxrwsr-x 19 root clamav 4096 Jun 24 07:53 /mnt/ramdisk

This is happening on all 3 systems that use a ramdisk.  Other
non-ramdisk MS servers are fine.

I am seeing subdirs like "31166" under /mnt/ramdisk that are empty.
Is there a conf setting that needs to match the "Incoming Work Dir" so
the TNEF will use the same location or something like this?
Dave Jones

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