Anti-Phishing Update -- New data feed

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Thu Jun 18 09:48:35 IST 2009

Julian Field wrote:
>> I just got around to trying this - currently this ruleset carries a
>> heavy penalty:
>> Without phishing rules
>> real    0m1.722s
>> user    0m1.646s
>> sys    0m0.065s
>> With phishing rules
>> real    0m4.283s
>> user    0m1.703s
>> sys    0m0.080s
>> And this is with a very small dummy message.
>> In addition to removing the 'full' rules; change (match|match|match) to
>> (?:match|match|match) which is non-capturing and should save a
>> considerable amount of memory in SA and should reduce these times.
> I have made both those changes.

Just grabbed the new script and updated; now looks much better:

Without phishing rules:
real	0m1.734s
user	0m1.648s
sys	0m0.086s

With phishing rules:
real	0m1.822s
user	0m1.725s
sys	0m0.075s


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