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On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 11:16 AM, Brennero Pardo <
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>  Hi,
> I've finally finished configuring mailscanner+clamav and spamassasin,
> everything seems to run smoothly.
> I have a problem, I've found every part of the MailScanner.conf file but
> haven't found if there is a rule that can limit the number of messages sent
> by users. Digging into the scrips i've come up with the script used in the
> top senders, if it's so how can i put it as a rule or make so that it can
> limit messages per users per day?

Use policyd if you are using Postfix or search for rate-limiting techniques
with $MTA. It's a great tool for rate-limiting messages per sender. You'd
want to rate-limit at the MTA before the message is accepted so as not to
overwhelm your MailScanner.


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