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Anthony Peacock a.peacock at
Wed Jun 17 12:20:57 IST 2009

Hi Julian,

These work fine, but I think I may have given you a bum steer about the 
default value that $wget_location should have.  I gave you my location, 
but I think for most Linux distros the location would be: /usr/bin/wget

It might more sense to have the default set to that and let weirdos like 
me make the changes rather than have the majority of users having to 
make changes...

Julian Field wrote:
> All done. Thanks for the suggestions!
> Jules.
> On 17/06/2009 11:12, Anthony Peacock wrote:
>> Hi Julian,
>> Installed your updated script yesterday, worked fine after adjusting 
>> the paths as suggested.  Failed to run as a cron job because my wget 
>> is not on the restricted path the cron provides.
>> I know this is easily fixed in other ways, but it seems to me that 
>> this would be easy to add as a config line at the top of the script:
>> wget_location = '/usr/local/bin/wget';
>> or somesuch.  The other thing that I need to change is the command to 
>> restart MailScanner as I use '/etc/init.d/mailscanner restart'.  
>> Again, this is not a major problem for me to find and fix, but it 
>> seems like this would be a fairly simple config as wel...
>> mailscanner_restart = '/sbin/service MailScanner reload';
>> Just an idea...
> Jules

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