Problem with Exim and Mailscanner

James Gray james at
Tue Jun 16 09:42:20 IST 2009

On 15/06/2009, at 10:04 PM, sean wrote:

> James:
> One more problem.
> I don't have this file or files in etc/default/
> "You also should modify /etc/default/exim"
> So once again I am stuck.

Might be /etc/default/exim4

Debian's long-term support dictates they need to actively maintain  
both Exim 3 and Exim 4.  So all newer Debian-based distro's have the  
"4" appended to the Exim 4 files/scripts etc to distinguish them from  
their Exim 3 counter parts.  I might have overlooked that distinction  
when I wrote the original Exim+MailScanner+Debian instructions all  
those years ago :P

 >ls -l /etc/default/exim*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 876 2008-04-16 21:51 /etc/default/exim4



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