Improved Postfix support

Pascal Maes pascal.maes at
Tue Jun 16 08:57:56 IST 2009

Le 15-juin-09 à 17:48, Julian Field a écrit :

> I have just released a new beta version of MailScanner, 4.78.1.
> This includes some new code for handling Postfix messages with  
> complex structures that are produced by some milters, so I would be  
> extremely grateful if you could test it for me.
> Keep your previous version around, just in case you need to back-out.
> It has been tested quite extensively, but a real mail feed is always  
> better than any number of test messages!
> Many thanks.
> Jules


MailScanner 4.78.1 is running for 1h30 and I don't see any problem in  
the logfile.

I try first with the 0.95.1 version of clamav-milter then I launch the  
version 0.95.2 which was causing some troubles with MailScanner  
4.77.10 ; it seems to work well.

Postfix 2.6.2
clamav-milter 0.95.2


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