Anti-Phishing Update -- New data feed

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Mon Jun 15 15:00:03 IST 2009

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> Subject: Anti-Phishing Update -- New data feed
> I have gained a new reliable feed of email addresses known to be used
> in
> phishing attacks.
> I have therefore updated my anti-spear-phishing scripts to catch any
> mail mentioning these email addresses as well. I know quite a few of
> you
> have found this script to be useful.
> You can see the new article and download the script at
> Please do try it out and let me know what you think!

Hi Julian.

Currently testing version 2 of the script, I never got round to testing the
old one.

I was just wondering, do this feed have anything to do with the EMAILBL
plugin/project announced on the SA list?

It seems to work somewhat similar.

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