Problem with Exim and Mailscanner

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I went through your notes but I still don't see how to modify my init.d/exim file to start both. Not with the current service file I have anyway. 

Hi Sean,

I think you missed the bit where you create a SECOND init script for the additional Exim instance :)  You end up with two separate exim scripts in /etc/init.d:

Then you simply need to add a symblic link into the correct run-levels to make sure it starts during boot.  Most distro's have their own utilities to do this for you:
Debian/Ubuntu: update-rc.d
RedHat/CentOS: chkconfig  (see

The how-to I wrote simply shows how to make the two exim's play nicely with Debian so that updates etc don't hose your hard work.

If you need more help, please help us - we need to know:
What MTA (Exim) and version?
What version of MailScanner?
What OS (linux/Solaris/etc) and version?
Any logs, error messages, etc?

I really don't have enough information about your setup to offer any more specific information...but more than happy to help out when more info is available :)



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