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Just use the IP addresses instead of the hostnames. Trivial, surely?

On 12/06/2009 18:01, Gary Faith wrote:
> I was reading the changelog from the website for Version 4.77.10-1.  I 
> like the addition of the in rules but I have a 
> situation where the forward and the reverse names are not going to 
> match because of dynamic IPs.  I can control the forward DNS via 
> DynDNS but I can't control the reverse DNS.  Can the "spoofing 
> protection" (#9 below) be turned off?
> 8 Implemented a new type of line in rulesets. When you specify a 
> "From:" rule, you can use a syntax like "" to 
> use the SMTP client's hostname instead of the numerical IP address. 
> This can also be partial hostnames or domain names, such as 
> "" or include wildcards anywhere, such as 
> "host:mail*.dom*", or even Perl regular expressions such as 
> "host:/(de|dk)$/". This goes where the numerical IP address would go 
> in the rule, after the "From:" and before the value to return. Note 
> that these are slightly slower than using the IP address as they 
> involve a DNS lookup (maximum of once per message), but that value 
> should be in your DNS cache as other things will have already had to 
> look it up anyway. They are described in more detail in the 
> etc/rules/README and etc/rules/EXAMPLES files.
> 9 Added spoofing protection to the "host:" name lookups. Forward and 
> reverse DNS entries must now match.
> Thanks,
> Gary


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