Changes in Version 4.77.10-1

Gary Faith gafaith at
Fri Jun 12 18:01:52 IST 2009

I was reading the changelog from the website for Version 4.77.10-1.  I like the addition of the in rules but I have a situation where the forward and the reverse names are not going to match because of dynamic IPs.  I can control the forward DNS via DynDNS but I can't control the reverse DNS.  Can the "spoofing protection" (#9 below) be turned off?

8 Implemented a new type of line in rulesets. When you specify a "From:" rule, you can use a syntax like "" to use the SMTP client's hostname instead of the numerical IP address. This can also be partial hostnames or domain names, such as "" or include wildcards anywhere, such as "host:mail*.dom*", or even Perl regular expressions such as "host:/(de|dk)$/". This goes where the numerical IP address would go in the rule, after the "From:" and before the value to return. Note that these are slightly slower than using the IP address as they involve a DNS lookup (maximum of once per message), but that value should be in your DNS cache as other things will have already had to look it up anyway. They are described in more detail in the etc/rules/README and etc/rules/EXAMPLES files. 

9 Added spoofing protection to the "host:" name lookups. Forward and reverse DNS entries must now match.


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