New feature - hostname lookups in rulesets

Desai, Jason jase at
Fri Jun 5 16:47:15 IST 2009

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> I have just added a new feature which I hope you will find useful.
> It struck me that it has always been really awkward to have to use IP
> addresses in the "From:" lines in rulesets, and wouldn't it be a lot
> easier to be able to use hostnames or domain names, with wildcards,
> stuff like that.
> So now you can.
> You just put "host:" at the start of the hostname or domain name (or
> wildcard or regexp or whatever) and it matches it against the hostname
> of the SMTP client that sent the message to MailScanner.
> So you can now do rules such as these:
> From: host:localhost.localdomain yes
> From: yes
> From: host:mailgate* yes
> From: yes
> From: yes
> From: host:example.* yes
> From: host:/\.(de|dk|es)$/ yes
> and all sorts of things like that.

Do you do any checking of the host name?  For example, it would be
trivial for someone who controls DNS for a range of IPs to set their PTR
records to whatever they wish.  To make it a little more difficult to
abuse, I'd suggest doing an A lookup and verifying that the IP of the
name matches the IP that the mail came from.  It will require a few more
lookups and logic, but I would think it's worth it.  Of course, not all
domains have matching PTR and A records.  Maybe make this additional
check optional?  I just don't want to see this get abused.


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