How to stop certain spam?

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Jun 4 22:41:30 IST 2009

on 6-4-2009 1:27 AM Remco Barendse spake the following:
> We are getting flooded with messages from one particular advertiser. The
> send dozens of messages each day, all in similar format, a few lines of
> invisible text and some images with their spam crap.
> On the right side in the image i often get some crap message like :
> Sorry, this advertiser is not available
> The messages hardly score on Bayes and they are never caught by the
> blocklists i use
> The messages usually are awarded some points for DCC and Razor2 checks.
> There is always some USA postal address written at the bottom.
> A lot of messages are about auto insurance, some satellite dish offers
> and auto insurance.
> Because every message contains url's to a different (new) website i
> unfortunately am not able to give a more precise description.
> How to stop this?
> Thanks!!
If you pastebin some complete samples, we would happily run them against our
systems and see if we hit with something.

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