Performance numbers for a DELL R710

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Thu Jun 4 16:36:42 IST 2009

Jonas A. Larsen wrote:
> This thread is providing really nice info everybody can use, even those of
> us with a lot less volume
>> - Put Bayes in MySQL with InnoDB tables and use the persistent DBI
>> plug-in.
> Steve: the above point from your sugestions makes me wonder. I investigated
> into the DBI persistent connections plugin earlier, but I seem to recall
> that somebody claimed that mailscanner already keeps the connection open as
> its running as a daemon.

I don't believe that to be true.  And there's a very simple way to prove
this if you already have bayes running under MySQL.

Run 'mysqladmin processlist' as the MySQL root user and you should have
as many connections to your Bayes database as you do MailScanner
children (e.g. 5 children = 5 bayes database connections) otherwise the
above statement is false.

> Have you tested this, and actually seen a performance increase?

I've only really used it with spamd and not MailScanner - but the
principal is the same and therefore so should be the performance benefits.


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