"Message attempted to kill MailScanner"

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Wed Jun 3 13:47:48 IST 2009


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Le 03/06/2009 13:52, Nigel Kendrick a écrit :
> That's it and everything's gone quiet.
> MailScanner --lint runs through OK.
> Hay-elp!

Assuming there are still messages waiting to be processed, try a 
MailScanner --debug or even, if it looks like the problem may be within 
SpamAssassin, MailScanner --debug-sa.


Thanks John - I am currently on my way to 'sort out' the person who dumped
several tens of GB of backups onto the server without telling me - one of
the disk arrays was 100% full!

I am moving the stuff elsewhere and I guess things might get back to

Duh to them and a Duh to me for not checking sooner...


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