What are infections exactly?

Jose Perez jvoorhees1 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 16:29:29 IST 2009

Hi people:

I was wondering what's the meaning of Infections from the point of
view of MailScanner? According to all my infected messages I can see
that MailScanner mark them as infection:

- Messages infected with viruses
- Messages containing Dangerous Content

I'm using sanesecurity database with ClamAV to detect spam 'cause
their results are good! But I'm tired to see MailScanner sending a
"Virus Detected" message every time ClamAV matches a spam message with
the sanesecurity signature.

Is there a way to disable this notices to postmaster when ClamAV
detects only some kind of virus report? I'd like MailScanner to send
notices only when detect real viruses (no spam from sanesecurity) or
Dangerous Content.

According to "Send Notices" directive it's possible to write a ruleset
but I'm not pretty sure what the syntax should be... maybe just
something like this?

From: user at domain Yes
To: user at domain2 No

I'd like to know if it is possible to write a ruleset based on the
virus message report so I can filter sanesecurity matches.

I hope someone can help me, thanks

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