Fw: My Clamd or MailScanner is sending Backscatter

Douglas R. Taber drtaber at northcarolina.edu
Tue Jun 2 15:07:16 IST 2009

Steve' Mailing List wrote:
> When my server receives a virus, it is sending backscatter to notify the sender.  As expected most of the virus are probably spam.  I know that I am missing a setting, but I have looked through MailScanner.conf and have set the settings that I think are related (see below).  Please tell me what I am missing.
> MailScanner     4.77.9
> Clamd            0.95.1
> OS = Whitebox EL3 (RHEL3 equivalent)
> Select MailScanner settings:
> Virus Scanning = %rules-dir%/virus.scanning.rules
> Virus Scanners = clamd
> Silent Viruses = All-Viruses
> Still Deliver Silent Viruses = no
> Obviously, I am missing something.  Please help me get on the right track,
> Steve

I believe the setting you are looking for is:

# Do you want to notify the people who sent you messages containing
# viruses or badly-named filenames?
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Notify Senders = no

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