[OT] new sendmail release, ever?

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at trunknetworks.com
Fri Jul 31 17:44:33 IST 2009

On 31 Jul 2009, at 14:54, The Doctor wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 07:25:47AM -0400, Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
>> Gang,
>> There hasn't been a new sendmail release since 8.14.3
>> back in May 3, 2008.  Any ideas why?  Claus Assmann's version
>> 10 seems to have vanished from the landscape.  Anybody on
>> this list know anything about the future of public-domain sendmail?
> Who knows.
> I get so fed up that I moved to postfix.
> The only problem I am having is howto use postfix and MailScanner  
> WITHOUT a jail.

What sort of jail or do you mean Postfix chrooted (As it seems to come  
set up by default in some distros)?

If it's just chrooted, you can turn that off by changing the flag in  
master.cf but you will need to check your main.cf for path locations  
and other bits as they may well be relative to the chroot and not your  
unchrooted environment.


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