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Jonas A. Larsen jonas at
Thu Jul 30 13:09:06 IST 2009

> I wasn't thinking of anything quite so complicated as that.
> Maybe a single score for all defined spam reports from the virus scanners?
> I would rather keep it simple so people can actually use it, than have
> something very clever and complex that no-one ever quite understands or
> can work out how to use (apart from the 0.1% who are wizards).
> Jules.

I must agree with the users who would like to see an "exempt method" or whatever you want to call it, which makes it possible to make MailScanner threat something that clamav (or other scanners) hit on as spam instead of a virus.

So far I have NOT used any 3rd party sigs for clam, for this specific reason. I do not want to block something completely just because a clamav sig hits on it.

If it was possible to define a score for certain virus scanner hits instead it would make mailscanner much more flexible (apparently like amavis supports)

So if this was added to MailScanner it would allow me (and others I'm sure) to utilize 3rd party virus signatures to improve spam protection, without being vulnerable to obvious false positives in the 3rd party sigs.

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