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2009/7/22 Gottschalk, David <dgottsc at>

> Is it possible to setup MailScanner to block/quarantine messages over a
> certain number of recipients? I want to do this because we have a lot of
> accounts being compromised and sending out emails to a large number of
> recipients. I think this would be a good proactive measure.
> I've looked into spamassassin doing this, but cannot find anything that
> would give me the ability to do this.
> Any tips would be appreciated, I've searched all around and haven't found
> anything.

Some time ago i wrote this rule for SpamAssassin, i didnt test it a lot, so
test it with precaution. I was for someone with the same problem than you.

the logic of the rule is that if the email has more than 10 recipients at
least 1 rule will hit, with combination is probable than more than one hits.
you can also generate a new meta rule to have only 1 hit with an OR.

header          __TEST_TO_1            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){1,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_2            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){2,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_3            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){3,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_4            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){4,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_5            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){5,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_6            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){6,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_7            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){7,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_8            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){8,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_9            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){9,}/i
header          __TEST_TO_10            To =~ /(.*?(@).*?){10,}/i

header          __TEST_CC_1            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){1,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_2            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){2,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_3            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){3,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_4            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){4,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_5            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){5,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_6            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){6,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_7            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){7,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_8            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){8,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_9            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){9,}/i
header          __TEST_CC_10            Cc =~ /(.*?(@).*?){10,}/i

#just for testing purposes
#meta    TEST_TO_1_CC_1    (__TEST_TO_1    &&    __TEST_CC_1)

meta    TEST_TO_1_CC_9    (__TEST_TO_1    &&    __TEST_CC_9)
meta    TEST_TO_2_CC_8    (__TEST_TO_2    &&    __TEST_CC_8)
meta    TEST_TO_3_CC_7    (__TEST_TO_3    &&    __TEST_CC_7)
meta    TEST_TO_4_CC_6    (__TEST_TO_4    &&    __TEST_CC_6)
meta    TEST_TO_5_CC_5    (__TEST_TO_5    &&    __TEST_CC_5)
meta    TEST_TO_6_CC_4    (__TEST_TO_6    &&    __TEST_CC_4)
meta    TEST_TO_7_CC_3    (__TEST_TO_7    &&    __TEST_CC_3)
meta    TEST_TO_8_CC_2    (__TEST_TO_8    &&    __TEST_CC_2)
meta    TEST_TO_9_CC_1    (__TEST_TO_9    &&    __TEST_CC_1)
meta    TEST_TO_10_CC_0    (__TEST_TO_10)
meta    TEST_TO_10_CC_0    (__TEST_CC_10)

score    TEST_TO_1_CC_1    0.01
score    TEST_TO_1_CC_9    0.01
score    TEST_TO_2_CC_8    0.01
score    TEST_TO_3_CC_7    0.01
score    TEST_TO_4_CC_6    0.01
score    TEST_TO_5_CC_5    0.01
score    TEST_TO_6_CC_4    0.01
score    TEST_TO_7_CC_3    0.01
score    TEST_TO_8_CC_2    0.01
score    TEST_TO_9_CC_1    0.01
score    TEST_TO_10_CC_0    0.01
score    TEST_TO_0_CC_10    0.01

hope it helps!

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> UTS Email team
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