Spamassassin timeouts

Jonas A. Larsen jonas at
Thu Jul 23 15:31:48 IST 2009

I actualy traced it down to all the timeouts happening around 05:00.


That is when the mysql backup runs, so I think it must be some some sort of
mysql being unavailable while the backup runs.


I use mysql for both mailwatch and bayes.


However I still believe a retry function for SA timeouts would be nice to
have in MS.


Julian: Please add it to wish list J


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normally this is either due to 

1) DNS issues (lots of RBLs - have you got most of them turned off?), 

2) bayes (have you got this running on a faster SDBM database than the
in:bayes:sdbm&s=bayes> &s=bayes

3) or things like DCC/pyzor/razor.

Another thing to check is the SA-timeout value in MailScanner.conf, I
normally raise this well above the 75 default to around 300 at least.

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK

2009/7/23 Jonas Akrouh Larsen <jonas at>

Hi List


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.


I got an annoying problem with SA timeouts. 


For the past week my sampling shows that out of 51037 mails, spamassassin
timed out on 66 of them.


This is not a big percentage obviously, but it bothers me that I have a
pretty decent protection scheme setup which lets very few spams through.


I’d actually guess that SA time outs creates as many false positives (as in
mails MS thinks are ham) as actual spam slipping through my anti-spam rules.


I was wondering if there was any way to make MS refuse to have SA timeouts
(or maybe make it configureable to atleast try the mail again for x number
of times before we accept to let the mail pass MS without having been
scanned by SA)


I don’t think this is possible with the current version of MS.


Also note that simply increasing the sa timeout isn’t as good a solution as
the confirable “rety behavior (in my opinion atleast)


So am I alone in thinking this would be a neat addition to MS, or what do
people think/do with sa timeouts in general?



Med venlig hilsen / Best regards


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