text/plain aka 'Add Text of Html' ?

Todd T. Fries todd at fries.net
Mon Jul 20 17:57:32 IST 2009

Penned by Julian Field on 20090720 10:20.26, we have:
> On 19/07/2009 22:19, Todd T. Fries wrote:
>> I recently upgraded and noticed that recently MailScanner has added a
>> new setting/feature 'Add Text Of Doc' using antiword.
>> Is there any merit for 'Add Text Of Html' ?
>> For those of us using cli/text mail readers (mutt, pine, elm, mail, etc)
>> would it not be useful to permit a text version of the html file?
> Take a look at the setting "Convert HTML To Text = no" and see if  
> changing that to a ruleset would do more or less what you want.

I specifically did look at the comments, it leads me to believe that
it would strip the html.  I may want to look at the html, but by default
I would like to have text/plain since my mail client (mutt) can't quote
the html in a reply..

I just tested, and indeed, this strips the html and replaces it with text.

It shouldn't be that hard to add the knob to not strip the html.

If I take a stab at this, I wonder would it be worth making the 
setting "Convert HTML To Text = no" take a "= add" parameter or?

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