(2nd Request) Disable scanning for a client that connectsviaSMTP-AUTH

Christopher Fisk cfisk at qwicnet.com
Thu Jul 16 13:38:53 IST 2009

>  on 7-2-2009 2:18 PM Mat Murdock spake the following:
>  > I know I'm kind of bringing this topic back from the
>  dead, but
>  > spamassasin has a rule called "ALL_TRUSTED" that
>  detects if the e-mail
>  > used smtp-auth.  If so it give it negative score.  It
>  does this by
>  > looking at the sendmail headers.  The problem I have is
>  that my users
>  > are sending their mail from ip's that are on dns
>  blacklists.  It would
>  > be nice if MailScanner was also able to read the
>  headers the same way
>  > that spamassassin does and allow the user to skip dns
>  blacklist checks
>  > for authenticated e-mails.
>  > 
>  > Mat
>  Don't do blacklist checks in MailScanner. Either you
>  trust the blacklist and
>  you do it in the MTA, or you don't trust it, and you
>  score it with spamassassin.

Use a custom DNSWL for those customers.

Postfix: http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-whitelist-hosts-ip-addresses-in-postfix
Sendmail: http://www.njabl.org/dnswl.m4

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