Sender Address Verification

Scott Silva ssilva at
Tue Jul 14 20:31:09 IST 2009

on 7-13-2009 7:03 AM Mail Admin spake the following:
> Dear List
> I recently deployed the smf-sav, which works quite well. It takes a lot
> of load off mailscanner.
There are other ways to take the load off of MailScanner.
> I recently got listed on backscatter because I have used it on one of
> “their” members so it seems.
You are generating backscatter, so you will get listed.
> Looking on their Web Site it seems there is nothing I can do only pay
> them 50 euro to get delisted, and then what happens if I do sav again?
Keep the checkbook handy, as you will get listed again!
> Have any of the list had this issue, with smf-sav?  Is there anything
> that can be done from your experience? I do not want to turn off smf-sav.

Then prepare to stay blacklisted. Sender calllout is considered rude by many
sysadmins, as it only transfers the load to someone else.
> Thanks to you all
I would only use smf-sav to check valid recipients, not sender callouts. But
that is me and my systems that AREN'T listed on backscatter!

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