Tiny text only spam (semi OT)

Bernard Lheureux bernard.lheureux at bbsoft4.org
Sun Jul 12 13:55:27 IST 2009

Alessandro Bianchi wrote:
Gosh, they found the way to bypass this rule:

I received these this night (2 different messages containig this):

in the 1st: Can Exercise Bodost Your sex rDive?.www .za16. com
in the 2nd: Save oYur Relationship With These Amazing Secerts: www,nu26,com

Has anyone a solution to avoid these kind of spams ?
>> I believe that I have also been greatly troubled by the same 
>> messages. The common thread to these messages is what I call an 
>> obfucated URL where the URL has spaces in multiple places. I created 
>> a cf file in /etc/mail/spmassassin directory and wrote my first 
>> spamassassin rule. It might not be the best but it is working for me. 
>> Basically, the rule matches a URL that starts with www. followed by a 
>> space followed by some text ending in a period like pill45. followed 
>> by another space then a TLD like com, net or org. I started with a 
>> small score for testing but have significantly raised the score to 
>> 4.5 now.
>> # Rule to find URLs with spaces
>> body ASDM_OBF_URL /www\.\s(.+?)\s[A-Za-z]{2,4}/i
>> score ASDM_OBF_URL 4.5
>> describe ASDM_OBF_URL URLs with spaces
>> I haven't seen any false positives yet.
>> Gary Faith
> Gary
> This one rocks!
> Got them one hundred per cent
> Thank you to all
> Best regards
> Alessandro Bianchi
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