Tiny text only spam (semi OT)

Gary Faith gafaith at asdm.net
Fri Jul 3 14:50:41 IST 2009

I believe that I have also been greatly troubled by the same messages. 
The common thread to these messages is what I call an obfucated URL
where the URL has spaces in multiple places.  I created a cf file in
/etc/mail/spmassassin directory and wrote my first spamassassin rule. 
It might not be the best but it is working for me.  Basically, the rule
matches a URL that starts with www.  followed by a space followed by
some text ending in a period like pill45. followed by another space then
a TLD like com, net or org.  I started with a small score for testing
but have significantly raised the score to 4.5 now.
# Rule to find URLs with spaces
body            ASDM_OBF_URL           /www\.\s(.+?)\s[A-Za-z]{2,4}/i
score           ASDM_OBF_URL           4.5
describe        ASDM_OBF_URL           URLs with spaces
I haven't seen any false positives yet.
Gary Faith

>>> Alessandro Bianchi <alex at skynet-srl.com> 7/3/2009 7:56 AM >>>
Il 03/07/2009 13:00, mailscanner-request at lists.mailscanner.info ha

Alessandro Bianchi wrote: 

Hi guys 

Those damned spemmers have found a way to break in 

After image only spam, they have managed to build plain text only spam
(no links or hrml or images, just text) that slips throught my MS

They often place in ortographic errors to "fool" spamassassin. 


They are being detected as : Sanesecurity.Spam.10528 


Thaks Steve for helping me

I've just installed unofficial signs and sit here for looking at it

For Alex

Very unfortunately RBLs don't help at all since SA decreases the

Look at this:


Spamassassin reports it as BAYES_00 and clean message and that "kills"
the others checks.

If I decrease the BAYES_00 score, it will likely break legitimate

So I'm testing the unofficial signs and I'll let you know

Thank you very much for your precious help!


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