notification ruleset

David Lee t.d.lee at
Thu Jul 2 10:34:57 IST 2009

The new processing-db has introduced a new type of email notification, 
which is typically to inform the local postmaster or email administrator 
when messages might be stuck.

But the current implementation details of this (enabled/disabled; 
recipient of notification) are, I believe, piggybacked on configuration 
settings (e.g. "Send Notices", "Notices To") that were primarily intended 
for informing about viruses.  But the two are

The virus policy at many sites is silent dropping and no notification.

But the desirable processing-db policy may very definitely want active
notification of such processing problems.

Julian: Could there be some sort of ruleset-based processing that would 
allow (logically at least) something like:
    virus-notification = no
    processing-notification = yes

    virus-notification-to = ...
    processing-notification-to = ...

That would be most useful.  Note, too, that it would extensible to other 
classes of notification.

(I imagine that some folk might then want to go a stage further with (for 
instance) domain-dependent specifications.  I guess that would be nice, 
but I wouldn't wish possible implementation difficulties with that aspect 
to scuttle the basic idea discussed earlier.)


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