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> Some time ago, I used Mailscanner slightly differently than intended, in 
> order to add custom signatures to outgoing mails... the place had 4 
> different companies, which all required a separate company signature. 
> On a new project, I could use this again, though I don't want to go 
> through the hassle of running a full MS install just to get automated 
> signatures added to outgoing mails ... anybody happen to know some *ix 
> tool or way to implement something similar? 
> It would also be great if I could make adding a signature depending on 
> the sending domain, and possibly even having some template fields that 
> would be filled based on a sender address ... 
> Tnx, -garry 
If you are using Postfix then this should help :- http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Adding_a_disclaimer_(altermime)_or_footer 

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