Disable MCP notifications for High Spam

Dave Jones davejones70 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 11:56:13 GMT 2009

Does anyone have any ideas how the MCP notifications can be disabled
for High Scoring Spam?  The High Spam is getting caught and deleted
but when it also hits the MCP threshold, the user is getting the
recipient.mcp.report.txt notification.  There are lots of High Spam
that will hit common profanity checks in MCP.

I found a thread in the maillist archives on "MCP/SPAM Actions" saying
that delete is the last action taken so the MCP notify takes
precedence.   However, I was wondering if there are some recent
feature additions that will allow me to override this now.

High Scoring Spam Actions = delete
MCP Actions = store notify
High Scoring MCP Actions = store notify

Dave Jones

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