mailscanner with heavy load

Ugo Bellavance ugob at
Fri Jan 30 13:19:50 GMT 2009

Paulo Roncon a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> Can you please tell how many mgs/day and Mb/day do your mailscanner filter?
> I'm designing a large deployment and have some concerns in its capability of handling heavy loads...
> In my case the box will face about 2MB/s incoming and 60msg/s !!
> How many servers(HP G5, quadcore, 16RAM) should I install? (not using DCC, Razor, Pyzor.)

For one thing if you want to use MailWatch, you'll need a dedicated 
Postgresql server.  Also get the fastest disks you can get (ideally 4 
SAS 15K HDD, in RAID10).

The DL380 that we've got is a dual 4-core, 6 GB RAM, and its average 
speed for processing a 30-message batch is around 80s, but I think we 
never saw it driving 30 messages on all the 15 childs at the same time.

That means that if most of your traffic is between 8 and 17h, you can 
theoretically scan 12150 messages/child, during these 9 hours.  This is 
only the part that reaches MailScanner.  BarricadeMX kills the rest.  We 
get an average of over 500 000 SMTP connexions/day (6/sec) on our 
busiest server.

You may want to ask FSL's advice as they've seen many different kind of 
setups.  They may also help get the best results out of your hardware.



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