Sanesecurity ClamAV sigs are back. Yay!

Jonas Akrouh Larsen jonas at
Fri Jan 23 16:34:22 GMT 2009

>Not tested under heavy load but ClamAVPlugin allows to tag with ClamAV 
>results and let SA do its usual work.
>If you're using Clam as only AV, dunno how wise it is, but if you have a 
>commercial scanner in place to take care of the real viri, then 
>ClamAVPlugin could possibly give you the extra control/stats.
>You could even score depending on descriptions, etc.

Hi Alex.

Yep I have considered the sa plugin as well. I didn’t consider dropping
clamav as a normal av scanner.

What I contemplated when I looked at it was, if it would be possible to have
2 separate clam installas?

So you could have one that would only get 3rd party sigs, which typically
protects against spam/phishing etc. and not viri.

You would then use this custom clam install with the sa clam plugin. And you
would use a normal clam av as an av scanner in MS

If that’s possible you would benefit without loosing any stats. Obviously
such a setup uses a lot more cpu, but some of us can afford that.

Do anybody know if it would be possible to use 1 clam setup with MS and
another in sa?

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