Free antivirus software

Gareth list-mailscanner at
Fri Jan 23 11:21:52 GMT 2009

Currently at home I am running clamav 0.94.2, bitdefender 7.5.4 and
f-prot 4.6.7.
I am running MailScanner 4.70.7-1

I am looking for suggestions for other free antivirus I could be running
(personal use only is fine as its a home server)

A summary of what I have found so far :-

Is there anyone who doesnt use it!

Used 7.1.3 at work and it worked fine. 7.5.4 that I use at home works
fine but the update script doesnt work and just sais no updates
avialable and you are protected from -5 viruses. I just run 'bdscan
--update' from cron so not a problem.

Dont know the version number of the current version which you can
request a license for at :-
Version 7.6 is currently at beta 3 and it looks like the beta program
finished a couple of days ago.
Anyone know if this new version can be used with mailscanner?
It looks to have a graphical
so I suppose it depends if it has a command line option.

I need to upgrade to 6.0.2 from

Version 7.5 is available from and
appears to be supported by MailScanner.

Linux version 1.3 available from
Looks to be supported my MailScanner.

Version 7.01 available from
Looks to be supported by MailScanner.

Have I missed any?
Any feedback as to how well they work and if the latest versions work
with MailScanner would be appreciated.


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