Multiple SpamAssassin Rule Actions in ruleset not obeyed??

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Jan 22 16:40:06 GMT 2009

I never defined the behaviour you might see if you have *2* "default" 
rules in the same ruleset. I hate to think what might happen.
What you probably meant was this (all on one line)
FromOrTo: default SHSU_PHISH=>not-deliver,store-spam,forward 
postmaster at, JKF_ANTI_PHISH=>not-deliver,store,forward 
postmaster at

There should be a comma and a space better "... at" and "JKF_ANTI...".

On 22/1/09 14:47, Laskie, Norman wrote:
> I have the following two rules defined in spamassassin.rule.actions.rules, but it appears that when both are enabled the actions aren't obeyed.  The messages in question still get tagged with the appropriate rule, but are still delivered to the end user (in this case me) and aren't forwarded onto the postmaster account.
> SpamAssassin Rule Actions = %rules-dir%/spamassassin.rule.actions.rules
> FromOrTo:      default SHSU_PHISH=>not-deliver,store-spam,forward postmaster at
> FromOrTo:      default JKF_ANTI_PHISH->not-deliver,store,forward postmaster at
> Oh yea, I hate phishers... HAHA
> Thanks in advance,
> Norman


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