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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Jan 22 10:37:06 GMT 2009

I run at 100MB on all my servers. People rarely hit that and I can 
easily handle it.

On 21/1/09 22:50, Steven Andrews wrote:
> I have a client who employs a lot of consultants and we provide them 
> with an email address on the corp system and they pretty much have to 
> do everything through the corp systems; mostly terminal server. They 
> do have the ability to work offline and send the generated content 
> into the main office.
> Anyway, from time to time we get complaints from these folks that we 
> have email size limits in place even though for larger stuff we give 
> them ftp access that we can throttle. I think our limit is somewhere 
> around 10 meg right now although we tell them it’s less so we can deal 
> with the overhead they won’t understand.
> So I get an aol user today telling me what an asshat I am (which may 
> or may not be true, but for the purposes of discussion today I’m not) 
> and how much our systems suck because I have email size limits in 
> place and his email is being blocked. Of course, we never saw it in 
> our mailserver, which means he got hit with aol’s 16 meg size block, 
> but he was all talk and no listening. He then goes on to tell me about 
> “lynux” and how it’s free and better than the crap Microsoft has been 
> selling us…yadda yadda yadda; oh wait, what’s the banner on our 
> mailserver? It’s sendmail….but I digress.
> So, just for self-evaluation, what’s everyone else doing for email 
> size limits? I want to make sure we’re in the range of the rest of the 
> world.
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