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 Can anyone tell me how I can adjust mailscanner settings to help cure our
current SPAM problem?


We are being plagued with emails that are sent with the address of our
users, but not from our mailserver. 

Basically an email is sent to the user fred at domain from fred at domain. 

All 8 users seem to have the same problem, so we are assuming that someone
has had a virus at some point. The return address is the same as the
recipient, but the email server in the header file is NOT our mailserver.
These are not just bounced emails, they are from and to the same person.

Unfortunately we are receiving 100's each per day.


There will NEVER be a case where an email would be sent by one of our users
(ie with our domain email addresses) unless the email originated from our


Can I set mailscanner to some how delete an email if it has one of our
sender addresses but does not ORIGINATE from our server. 

I have tried the watermark feature thinking that would help but I think I'm








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