bug on FreeBSD with Perl 5.8.9

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Fri Jan 16 21:29:31 GMT 2009

Corey Chandler wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>> Mikael Syska wrote:
>>> What does other freebsd sysadmins do to stay current and not have a
>>> messed system where something is from other sources to be able to have
>>> a up-to-date system ?
>>> If there are any one out there also using freebsd ... and using Julian
>>> package from http://mailscanner.info I will be more than happy to hear
>>> from them.
>> We switched from ports to Julian's pkg system last year on both our 
>> FreeBSD MailScanner boxes. Nothing against the port, but doing so 
>> allowed us to use the newest release if needed, provides a way to have 
>> multiple releases installed choosing them by changing a symlink, and 
>> if we have a problem, Julian knows *exactly* where everything is 
>> installed.
>> Very happy with the result.
>> DAve
> Curious-- is there anything you have to do that's particular to FreeBSD, 
> or is just a matter of "download the source tarball, build clamav / 
> spamassassin from ports, and run the installer?"

We used Julian's mailscanner install pkg, and his clam+SA install pkg. 
Create a /opt directory and follow Julian's instructions. You will need 
to modify the startup scripts to fit FreeBSD but that is pretty trivial.

Our start scripts are a bit more heavily modified than needed because we 
also split our messages, run clamd, some milters, and a few other 
oddities. Our scripts are not like the ports scripts, or like Julian's, 
but any decent bash hack will work to get things started ;^)


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