Avast interface not fully functional

SuprDave mailscanner.list at romehosting.com
Tue Jan 13 20:13:16 GMT 2009


I was very happy to see an interface for Avast.  After extensive testing,
I discovered that MailScanner does not identify all viruses caught by
Avast.  It seems that the interface may be incomplete.  Here are my

I have three virus samples available.  During a manual command-line scan
Avast reports.

1:  [infected by: EICAR Test-NOT virus!!]
2:  [infected by: Win32:Adware-gen [Adw]]
3:  [infected by: Win32:Trojan-gen {Other}]

MailScanner successfully identifies #1 but ignores #2 and #3.  My best
guess would be that the VirusSweep file is somehow confused by the extra
brackets or maybe the colon.  Note that #2 uses [ and ], #3 uses { and }.

Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  I am using the
latest release of MailScanner on a Debian box.


Dave Gattis

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