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Mon Jan 12 17:27:15 GMT 2009

I'm running into an issue running the sa-update command against your channel.  I'm willing to bet it's something stupid I'm doing / not doing.

Thanks in advance,

sa-update --channel --gpgkey 06EF70A3
error: GPG validation failed!
The update downloaded successfully, but it was not signed with a trusted GPG
key.  Instead, it was signed with the following keys:


Perhaps you need to import the channel's GPG key?  For example:

    sa-update --import GPG.KEY

channel: GPG validation failed, channel failed

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If anyone is interested I have published an sa-update channel which 
generates the same rules as Jules' script.

The channel is

it is signed by key id 06EF70A3

which you can get from

The rules are named in the same way and is updated within 15 minutes of 
an SVN update. 

****** NOTE - it is fully automatic in the same way as Jules script 
works ********

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