Was: Upgrade fron 4.61.7 to 4.74.13-2

Dave Filchak dave.filchak at senecac.on.ca
Fri Jan 9 17:10:06 GMT 2009

Hi Glenn,

First, thanks for all your help.

Glenn Steen wrote:
> 2009/1/9 Dave Filchak <dave.filchak at senecac.on.ca>:
>> Ok well ..
>> I thought I would clean up the email a bit.
>> I am now at the point that I no longer have any errors permission or
>> otherwise with the exception of this:
>> config: path "//.spamassassin/user_prefs" is inaccessible: Permission denied
> See my last mail in the previous thread. The one with "Alternative 2"
> exemplified. It'll take care of these errors.
>> I still have no clue where this is being generated from as in the
>> MailScanner.conf, the spamassassin local state directory is set to
>> /var/spool/MailScanner and the permissions are set postfix:postfix
>> The worst part is though, that I am not getting mail ... even though if I
>> send myself an email, I see it coming in and then being delivered to my
>> maildir. I can go there and look at it on the server and it is all fine but
>> it just will not be delivered.
> Hm, is the MailScanner box your mailstore? Do you access that via some
> form of IMAP server? Sounds like this is now outside of MailScanners
> realm;-).

At this point, I believe that most issues are now because MailScanner is 
configured to strphtml store spam. When I look in MailWatch, I am now 
seeing many emails that are being scored as spam when they are not 
actually spam. They are being scored just over the 5 range. The new 
updated rules must be much more aggressive. So, I need to either change 
the spam actions for not high spam to striphtml deliver, although this 
will mean that more spam will actually get delivered to our clients. I 
guess an alternative would be to raise the threshold from 5 to say 7 for 
a bit until I get a handle on how to fine tune the spam rules for our 
mail flow.  Any tips here or can you direct me to a good tutorial on this?


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