Upgrade fron 4.61.7 to 4.74.13-2

Dave Filchak dave.filchak at senecac.on.ca
Fri Jan 9 03:25:52 GMT 2009


Glenn Steen wrote:
> 2009/1/8 Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>:
>> Dave Filchak wrote on Thu, 08 Jan 2009 11:32:47 -0500:
>>>>> Unfortunately, the user Postfix is set to nologin ( postfix:x:80:80:Postfix
>>>>> Mail Server:/:/sbin/nologin ) so I cannot sudo to it )
>> look at the homedir!
> Indeed;)
>>> su - postfix -s /bin/bash
>>> -bash-3.00$ spamassassin --lint
>>> [19715] warn: config: path "//.spamassassin/user_prefs" is inaccessible:
>>> Permission denied
>>> -bash-3.00$
>> you get this strange path because your postfix user has the wrong homedir. It
>> should be /var/spool/postfix (That also shows that you don't have to su to
>> postfix, it's running as postfix, anyway.)
>> If your mail is still not flowing that might also be the reason for it.
> I'm leaning toward one of the classics here:
> Since the directory SA (as the postfix user) tries to write things to
> (user prefs, razor-agent thing, pyzor discover thing etc), some of
> that cr*p end up being written somewhere the postfix user _can_ write
> ... the hold queue... So Dave should perhaps look at that directory
> for non-queue files ... and remove them.
Actually ... the only thing in the hold directory is the 
razor-agent.log. Nothing else. There is also nothing in the incoming 
directory either. The server is not delivering any mail now. Though I do 
not see ANY errors in the logs. I can send myself an email and I see it 
being delivered to my maildir. But it will not deliver it.
> How to make sure they never reappear?
> First: Set a more reasonable home directory for postfix, like
> /var/spool/postfix. Edit /etc/passwd with something safe like vipw
> Temporarily make that directory writable by the postfix user
> su - postfix -s /bin/bash
> spamassassin --lint
> spamassassin -t -D < /path/to/a/message
> exit
> Make the directory non-writable by postfix.
> You should now have all the needed directories, like .razor .pyzor and
> .spamassassin
> Create the directories by hand (in ~postfix) and make them owned by
> postfix and writable by postfix.
Currently, the /var/spool/postfix directory itself is owned by root:root
Inside this directory, most everything is owned by postfix and group 
root but is only rwx for user only.

So, if I create the needed folders in here and set them up as the same 
permissions ... should that work?
> Use the settings suggested in spam.assassin.prefs.conf (a.k.a.
> /etc/mail/spamassassin/mailscanner.cf) to explicitly set a directory
> to use for this. Look in the wiki for similar details for razor and
> pyzor (unless they're already in mailscanner.cf ... I fail to
> remember).
> Any of the alternatives would likely do.
> Then, as said, go check/clean your /var/spool/postfix/hold directory
> for/from files that aren't Postfix queue files.

See above.



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