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Wed Jan 7 20:31:16 GMT 2009

on 1-6-2009 4:54 PM Ken A spake the following:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> I did that too, and must say that 70-80% of all messages tagged by BRBL
>>> with a low test score are ham, the other 20-30% are really spam. With a
>>> low score that might be good to lift up the real spams, so that they
>>> don´t slip under the required SA score.
>>> But with this rate, I will never use this RBL in my policyd-weight
>>> setup.
>> Strange, because for the 24 or so hours I have been running it, I'm
>> hitting
>> over 97% spam.
>> I haven't looked at the other 3 % to see if it is actually ham or FN's.
>> Good enough for me to add more than half a point, but not more than 3
>> points.
>> I don't want this one list too strong unless I can hit 100%.
> We see pretty good results from BRBL too, but there are some FPs. We
> have home and business dialup and dsl (ISP) users. I've found it's good
> in META with Botnet rules. META with DCC and Razor also hits good, but
> may FP once in a while.
> Ken
I usually set my roamers to either auth, or use the webmail system if they are
out and about. One of our attorneys was so firewalled by his ISP I had to set
up a vpn for him while he was recouping from some surgery.

I guess nothing is perfect, and it is too bad that we have to jump through all
these hoops just to stop some bastard from flooding your users with fake
v1 at gr@ spams. Just how many people are that stupid to actually BUY something
from these bozo's?
I am in the wrong line of work!  ;-P

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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