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Greg J. McGreevy wrote on Tue, 6 Jan 2009 19:55:01 -0500:

> followed this one below that Julian sent me did not miss anything
> with the exception of the Rules de jour which was not in my version
> and I have since undone all of the entries.

The rules du jour was missing because you never added it and as it was the 
old method of getting some updated third-party rules that's perfectly okay. 
But you must have added some wrong stuff either to MailScanner.conf or to a 
ruleset file to get that error message, incorrect rules in 
spamassassin.prefs.conf wouldn't throw that.

> Yes huge problem with this open source stuff is the piss poor documentation

I disagree. Both MailScanner and SA are documented quite good. But 
administering a mail/mail scanning server is a complex task, so there's no 
simple step-by-step tutorial available as each setup is slightly different.
As for extra rules I just removed most extra rules from my setups as they are 
catching too few and are not worth it anymore. Especially the SARE rules are 

So, after removal of all changes, does your MS work basically now?

> I would like some help let me know when you are avaialable

I'll mail you.


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