Barracude BRBL ??

traced traced at
Tue Jan 6 19:48:30 GMT 2009

Scott Silva schrieb:
> on 1-4-2009 4:18 PM Daniel Straka spake the following:
>> Richard,
>> I've been using the BRBL for a few months now. No false positives reported yet,
> however it rarely picks up any SPAM that and spamhaus-ZEN haven't
> already picked up. But every little bit helps.
>> Dan
> Then it might be good for those of us that have been "outed" by spamhaus, but
> don't have enough traffic to justify paying for a feed.
> I will stick it in spamassassin with a low score for a month or two and see
> how it hits for me.

I did that too, and must say that 70-80% of all messages tagged by BRBL 
with a low test score are ham, the other 20-30% are really spam. With a 
low score that might be good to lift up the real spams, so that they 
don´t slip under the required SA score.

But with this rate, I will never use this RBL in my policyd-weight setup.


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