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I discussed this thread with Steve Freegard before responding and we can only add that we've had similar experiences with the BRBL; it doesn't appear to catch anything extra that Spamhaus Zen, Spamcop or other tests / RBLs already catch - but as always YMMV and you should try it for yourself.

And as an aside, using a combination of free RBLs and the other BarricadeMX tests instead of purchasing a Spamhaus subscription gave us excellent results on our scanning service bureau gateways;  results that were at least equivalent to purchasing the Spamhaus subscription. This setup could easily save money for larger sites since our Spamhaus subscription would have been more than the cost of BarricadeMX for our site.

And on a side note BarricadeMX 2.2 adds support for the Google phishing project (similar to what Julian has added to MailScanner; except rejections are done at the SMTP phase). It should released late this week.

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